We at EARTHMA are proud to announce our name as one of the leading and most popular brand that supplies Universal Remote Controls, Electronic kits, casing etc. all over India and internationally. Our parent company, Laxmi Remote India Private Limited is a leading supplier and manufacturing of Set top boxes, Remote Controls as well as adapters across pan India and globally.

The concept of universal remote control got conceived in early 2011 under the brand name Earthma with the mission to connect the tech advanced era with life. Earthma is an amalgamation of two most significant words of our existence- ‘Earth’ and ‘Ma’. We believe Earth as the central source of energy creating electric waves with new technology and with this belief, we respect and emphasize on the human existence.
Our brand logo describes the true principals of the company. The three saffron lines denote Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Mahesh (the destroyer). They all are different forms of energy as per Hindu mythology. While green highlights fertility, growth, purity and nature which is life. We emphasizes greatly on eco friendly product development process.

Having our own Research and Development Centre (2014), and also have established High-Tech Manufacturing Plant, Noida under the parent company.
For over 6 years, Earthma have become an indispensable part of the market due to their easy to use interface and study physical body. With the tremendous success and acceptability of Universal Remote Controls and other IT accessories, we further wish to provide other electronic assistance by manufacturing EARTHMA Electronic Kits for various learning schools/universities.

Why Choose Earthma remote controls?

• They are intuitive.
• They work with all brands, now and in the future.
• They are easy to configure.
• They are made in India 
• Fast and effective customer support.

Configuring your entire home electronics has never been easier. The company believes in delivering the best of technology thus is persistently involved in research and development of the high end remote devices and electronic gears to equip your homes and workspace with efficient tools like EARTHMA.

Our database is the largest and most comprehensive in the world and is continually updated with device codes for new products which are being introduced every day in the market. In this way, the remote control can be programmed as per the needs. In order to control devices of any brand or any type of appliance; we serve several alternatives such as remote controls for televisions based, all-in-one remote controls (which control various devices), remote controls with advanced settings.

Now you can easily connect and set your DTH, STB, DVD, TV and Home theatre system via our remote control devices. Explore our entire range of products and services today and feel free to reach us in terms of queries or complaints.

Our Team

Vijay Kumar Sachdeva
Prakash Chand Sachdeva
Divyu Sachdeva



DIRECTOR - International Business (IB)


Gnanesh Nagavamshi
Gautam Mundra
Nitin chhabra

Awesome products good package and good quality.

Awesome remote for Tata sky..Guys buy it don't even think twice.

Works perfectly with tata sky+ hd.

Works better than original ??

Awesome remote.work with both DTH and TV no hassles. Highly recommended!!